During this new normal our team at Back to Church Sunday understands that outreach and ministry looks different than it did before. To help you as a church leader leverage your outreach opportunities, we are offering a FREE 4-part webinar series: Leveraging Back to Church Sunday for Your Fall Ministry

Just in case you missed Part One in the series “Community Outreach in Our New Normal” with our VP of Mobilization, Jason Daye, here are some of the highlights:

Even in the midst of changing circumstances and uncertainty, Jason points out that there are 3 things that haven’t changed. 

  1. God is still God.

God is still God and He is still at work. God is our foundation to lean on. He is unchanging and He is working, whether we can see it or not.

  1. There is a need for wise and Godly leadership.

God has placed every ministry leader in a specific place with a specific purpose at this specific time to lead and guide their church. The need for wise and Godly leadership is needed now more than ever, more so than even a year ago. It is so important to be looking to God for His leadership and wise counsel in order to effectively lead our churches in a wise and Godly way.

  1. The mission of the church: reaching people who are far from God.

God has called us to go and make disciples, and that has not changed during the pandemic. Reaching people and making disciples is not only what God called the church to do, but what He also called the church to be. 

In order to be effective with outreach we as ministry leaders need to keep people focused on the mission. What does that look like?

Jason gives two questions for ministry leaders to process through when it comes to a missional focus.

  • How do we help our people grow more deeply as disciples?
  • How do we reach more people with the good news of Jesus?

The answer to these questions is to engage our people in the mission. Engaging people in the mission of the church can be done in practical ways.

Some practical ways to engage people in the mission of the church is to invite them digitally. The future of the church is in-person and online, so a digital invitation is a great place to start. A simple invitation is all it takes, and in many ways inviting people to church has never been easier than it has been now. 

Did you know that in a classic survey 82% of the unchurched said they would likely come to church if invited by a trusted friend but only 2% of Christians said they have invited someone to church in the previous year?

This offers an incredible opportunity for the church. People are in need of hope, they are open to the message of Jesus – All it takes is an invitation. And even in this pandemic, focus on the ministry and not the obstacles and challenge yourself and your church members to step out and make a simple invitation to the people in their neighborhoods. This is the first step in prioritizing the mission of outreach.

To watch the full FREE webinar, click here – you can also sign up for the remaining sessions to stay focused and begin looking toward the fall ministry season..

With 20 years of pastoral leadership experience, Jason Daye is passionate about helping ministry leaders discover how God is already working in their unique ministry contexts and uncover opportunities to build bridges into their neighborhoods to extend the hope of Christ.  Jason’s lead pastor roles have provided him experience in several contexts including church plant re-launch, multi-site church, multi-ethnic urban church, and established suburban churches.  He has also served in pioneering mission work and compassionate ministry projects in several countries.

The Daye

As Vice President of Mobilization, he dedicates his time to encouraging and equipping churches, denominations and ministry organizations to develop their Kingdom effectiveness as they embrace the mission of Jesus.  Jason provides oversight to key ministry initiatives at Outreach, equipping Christ-followers to share their faith and engaging churches to reach their communities. Jason also serves as the Executive Director of National Back to Church Sunday and as host of the Churchleaders podcast. 

Jason lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his beautiful wife and six children. He enjoys hiking with his family, fighting rainbow trout, summiting 14ers and swapping stories with good friends. Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @jasondaye.