The National Back to Church Sunday movement started 15 years ago as a call to action and an invitation – action for the church, and an invitation for the world. A single-day event focused on extending the invitation of love, peace and hope of Jesus to our friends and neighbors. A single day to reclaim the true nature of the Church – exactly as Christ commanded.

Each September the third Sunday in September has been set aside as the day to encourage everyone to attend a Bible-based church in their area and for church leaders to create a welcoming, inviting environment for their visitors.

Incredibly, since then, more than 4-million Christ-followers have participated through over 40,000 churches…and the movement is still growing. Now, more than ever, people need Jesus and a caring community where they can belong, grow and flourish.

This September, we would love for you to be a part of introducing your community to Jesus, so they can experience His hope and reconnect with others during National Back to Church Sunday!