National Back to Church Sunday,  is a great time to embrace this opportunity, mobilize your people, and make a lasting Kingdom impact. Officially celebrated the 3rd Sunday of September each year (9/20/20), National Back to Church Sunday has seen nearly 50,000 churches and over 4 million individual Christ-followers participate in reaching out to their neighbors, coworkers, family and friends and introducing them to the hope of Jesus.

“We have seen God at work in amazing ways through Back to Church Sunday, and this year could be the largest outreach yet as churches open their doors to welcome people. Thousands of churches are beginning to pray and prepare for September 20, 2020 and rally around this year’s theme: Stronger Together. We know we truly are stronger together and we believe every church provides a meaningful place where those who are struggling, broken or empty can find a community where they can truly belong, and a Savior who is ready with open arms to welcome them in. Join us, as together we reach our country for Christ!”

Jason Daye
Executive Director
National Back to Church Sunday

Whether your church is meeting in-person or virtually, every one of your people can invite others in your area to connect with your church and be introduced to the hope and truth of Jesus. On average, participating churches have seen a 27% increase in worship attendance on National Back to Church Sunday. Not only is this a great way to connect with new people, but it is a powerful way to kick off your fall ministry season and begin a regular rhythm of outreach and evangelism in your church. The strength of Back to Church Sunday lies in its emphasis to help every person in your church become an inviter as they pray for someone specific and then extend a personal invitation. 

Pastor Rob Canavan shares the impact this event has had on their church, Christ the Rock, in a small Massachusetts town: “We had such a great Back To Church Sunday Weekend! We got to invest, connect and love on close to 800 people. We saw salvations, lives changed, a community get loved on and visitors that will keep coming back.” Pastors regularly share that Back to Church Sunday reinvigorates their churches and encourages their people to trust God as they reach out to others.

In partnership with Outreach Inc, the National Back to Church Sunday movement has released a new church kit for this year’s STRONGER TOGETHER theme, including new professionally-designed videos, web and social graphics, planning guide and more, all designed to help your church experience a fruitful outreach this fall. Visit to get your kit. 

Another great resource is the Back to Church Sunday Facebook group- it provides encouragement and ideas, as well as a place for you to share prayer requests and post celebration photos as your church participates in this life-changing event –click here to join

With all we have experienced over the past several months, let’s come together to reach our nation with the transforming message of Jesus! Start planning your event now!