The big day is less than two months away now, so it’s time to ramp up your preparations for National Back to Church Sunday. Executive Director Pastor Jason Daye, recently shared some key preparation tips that can help you and your church make the most of this opportunity. 

Watch the complete video here:

Or review this brief synopsis of Jason’s key points on How to Prepare for Back to Church Sunday: 

  1. Prayer – the foundation for your celebration. It’s a vital step – praying for your event aligns your church with God’s heart and commission in your community. Also pray that your church members will join with you and get involved and that God will move in your community to welcome many people to your church. 
  2. Watch all the training videos – why, what and how of Back to Church Sunday plus a good understanding of the available resources. 
  3. Cast the Vision – meet with your leadership team, share the vision and how it will empower and energize your church and impact your community. Consider showing the first Training Video “Why Back to Church Sunday” and/or the new “Join the movement Video” to your leaders. 

It’s important to get your leaders “all in” to have a church-wide focus on this special celebration.  

  1. Develop a Game Plan – How will you celebrate and follow up. Create a detailed plan with actionable steps, deadlines and assign steps to people on your team. The Back to Church Sunday Kit is a big help to get your celebration organized and planned out. 
  2. Challenge your church – put this mission focused challenge to your entire church. Challenge them to pray about who God would ask them to invite. The goal is for everyone to invite at least one person to church on the day of your event. Create an expectation that everyone is involved and that God is going to move in your church. 
  3. Get the tools you need – get items to help you promote and invite people to your event. 
  4. Plan for what is next – what happens beyond your Back to Church celebration. How can you connect with your visitors, bring them back to church. Think ahead and plan to encourage new people to get connected more deeply. 

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