The summer is flying by and before we know it, it will be fall and Back to Church Sunday!

We are gearing up for Back to Church Sunday and hope that you are busy praying and planning for September 15th! The heart of this event is to reach people who do not regularly attend church. We believe that the church should be unified together in being outward focused in reaching those around them with the love of Jesus. 

As you are starting to think about what you will preach on this Back to Church Sunday, take a look at this year’s Back to Church Kit (if you don’t have a kit yet, click here to save 50% off). It includes a 4-week sermon series called “Together” that you can kick off on Back to Church Sunday. This new series is awesome because it: (1) empowers people to invite everyone they know to Back to Church Sunday by giving them a specific reason; (2) unites your church members and visitors with its powerful message of community; and (3) provides three weeks of follow up for which everyone will want to return.

The “Together” sermons start off by acknowledging that everyone has had a different experience with church — some good and some pretty painful. It conveys that Christians are not perfect and can do hurtful things, but God is perfect, loves us all and wants us to spend time with Him. The main theme in the series is that Together the church can create something much bigger and better than each member on their own. 

Part 1: Back to Church Sunday- Week 1 & 2

The first two weeks of the series go through the first part of the Ephesians which talks about God’s redemptive plan to bring humans to himself. They explain how through of Jesus’ work on the cross “Together We Find Peace” and “Together We Experience Love”. These first two weeks are a perfect introduction into the gospel and the saving work of Jesus for those who have never heard it and a great reminder to believers of how awesome Jesus’ work for us on the cross is. Click here to download an excerpt of the week 1 sermon.

Week 1: “Together We Find Peace”

“Together We Find Peace” explains how Jesus broke down the deepest divisions, and through Him we have unity and peace, and because we have that peace we should share it with a world that is so desperate for peace. It also explains that, “peace is not ignoring differences, conflict, or reality. Peace is not an image to be upheld or a feeling to be pursued.” 

This is the perfect way to start off Back to Church Sunday with main points that break down barriers and encourage us that our peace is in Jesus. 

  • Peace in unity
  • Peace in God’s presence
  • The Way of Peace—All Being Built Together
Week 2: “Together We Experience Love”

“Together We Experience Love” addresses how the church should have an inseparable association with love. The people in the church are the church. It is not a building, and we must love God and love others because that is the Lord’s heart for his church. 

This message focuses on the church coming together to show love to others. “It’s about coming together into the shared expression and transformative experience of God’s love.”

  • We experience God’s Love Together
  • Love is God’s Plan
  • Love binds us together as one

Part 2: Back to Church Sunday- Week 3 & 4

The last two weeks go through the second part of Ephesians and how in light of what Jesus did for us we can “Together Grow Stronger” and “Together We Can Change The World”. It shifts the focus onto what we as the church should do in light of the gospel. 

Week 3: “Together We are Stronger”

Week three is all about how the church is connected and that “Together We are Stronger” because:

  • There is strength in numbers
  • We are one
  • Growth requires change

It uses many illustrations to point out that we need to come together as the church, and we need to do this not just to stay safe but to have strength moving forward in what God has called us to. It reminds us that we are created for community and coming together is not just about getting more people to come to church on Sunday mornings, but to using the unique gifts that God has given each person to further the Kingdom. 

Week 4: “Together We Can Change The World”

The final week of the series closes out with how “Together the Church Can Change The World”. It explains that changing the world doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does “require consistent choices to follow Christ daily and to walk together on the journey as He leads us”. This sermon is practical with three things that help us: 

  • Dream big, act small
  • Recognize eternal
  • Stay connected

We need to start small because the small everyday choices that we make add up and each small step we take in our relationship with Jesus is significant. It also encourages us to keep our perspective eternal because this life is so short. We need each other to stay focused and keep our eyes on Jesus.

The “Together” series beautiful wraps up by saying that the Church matters because community matters. “Connection matters. Unity matters. Living as a part of God’s family matters. When we pursue these things together, we find that together we find peace, together we experience love, together we grow stronger and together we can change the world.”


“Together” is a great series to share the good news of Jesus and be encouraged and challenged to live more like Christ. You’ll want to try it on your church and here’s why – it is both relate-able and easy to understand for someone who has never been to church or heard the good news of Jesus; and it’s encouraging and challenging to believers in the church – making it the perfect way to kick off the fall ministry season and help people truly connect.