Fall is just around the corner and depending on where you’re located, your church may be planning lots of activities for this busy season: Back to Church, harvest festivals, trunk or treat and more. While the Delta variant may be putting a damper on some plans, with the right precautions and clear communication you can still host impactful events and reach people in your community. Whether you are launching a church, welcoming people back, or are just hosting a fun event, here is your ultimate guide on how to get ready for a big event at your church and make sure that everyone stays healthy.



Prayer is the number one thing that you should be doing as you are inviting people to your church this fall. James 5:16b says, “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” Prayer is effective and it is a great way to prepare your heart, your team and the hearts of the people you will meet. Ask God to work and expect big things. Pray individually. Also, make a prayer team and pray together before, during, and after your event! Ask God to use you and your team to reach people with His love and watch as He does this.


Updating The Look & Feel of Your Building 

Wanting to make a lasting impression during your event? Updating the inside and outside of your building is a great way to make a lasting impression! The first thing people see when they drive by is the outside of your church so you want to make sure you have banners. Banners are perfect to both spruce up the outside of your church and invite people who haven’t even stepped foot into your church. Oh and all our banners are 25% off too!

Once inside your church, you want the people to feel welcomed and comfortable. Canvas prints and floor stickers are going to be your go-tos! Canvas prints are easy ways to make the inside of your building look welcoming. There are so many designs so you can find and customize the perfect one for your church! Floor stickers are another awesome product that is perfect to update the inside of your church. Floor stickers, not only look great but are helpful for directing people where to go during big events.

Connecting With Other Ministries

As a church, you are not meant to do ministry alone. Connecting with other churches for events and encouraging each other is a great way to reach more people in the community and make friends with other ministries. Having an updated website and being active on social media is vital to connecting with other ministries, whether that is to partner on an event or just encouraging one another in ministry. This can seem like a big undertaking. Intimidated by the thought of running a website and social media pages? We understand that websites and social media can be intimidating, expensive and time-consuming so we have made products that make it both easy and AFFORDABLE! Get sites + social for $49 a month!

Inviting Visitors

Updated your church look and connected with other ministries? Now it is time to start inviting both online and in-person. 

Personal invitations go a long way when it comes to inviting someone to church. Did you know that 8 out of every 10 people would say yes if a friend invited them to church?  That is a huge opportunity to reach people in your community with the love of Jesus. 

One of the best ways to make a personal invitation is with direct mail postcards. Postcards are an effective way to invite people to church because they are eye-catching and contain all of the information that people need to know about your event. With everything being digital nowadays, people love getting mail and this is a great way for your church and event to stand out to people. We have 100’s of designs that are all customizable so you can design the perfect one for your church. 

It does not stop at postcards! We have door hangers, targeted social media ads and other invite materials to choose from. Now all you need to do is pick which product is right for you and start inviting! All invite tools are 25% off also so you cannot beat these designs and deals on inviting your community to church. 


Greeting Visitors

When visitors are at your event they might be feeling excited, nervous, skeptical or all the above. The best way to make them feel at home is by creating an atmosphere that they feel welcomed and loved. Street Signs and hand held signs can help you do just that! Street signs are great for welcoming and directing traffic while handheld signs are a fun way to greet visitors. Have volunteers in the parking lot and at the entrance of the building with signs! This is a fun and personal way to make people feel like they belong.

 Staying Safe

The height of the pandemic might be over, but it is important to keep everyone safe when they are attending your event. With new variants like the Delta variant and people who might be at a higher risk of sickness, it is important to take all the precautions that you can so that you can enjoy the event. Our Purerox line is one of the most effective ways to kill viruses like COVID-19, the Delta variant and other viruses in the air without any harmful chemicals! With both foggers and sanitizer stands, keeping your church safe only takes minutes!


This fall is an exciting time of outreach for your church. With so many events going on, your church should be prepared to welcome both new and old visitors alike into a space where they feel welcomed and safe! We hope that all these tips and products will help to equip your church to have events that reach your community with the love of Jesus!