We are not meant to live life alone. God has designed us to be in a physical community with family and friends where we support each other and share life together. Think about it: It’s more fun to share experiences with friends – everything from going to the movies, to sporting events, even just shopping is a lot  more fun when shared with other people. 

The same is true for going to church!

Yes, you can meet new friends at church. But expanding your circle by inviting friends from the other areas of your life to join you at church is special. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Jesus calls us to do it. If we are truly trying to be more like Jesus then we should mimic how he lived his life. And Jesus was all about relationships, sharing meals, calling the lost to follow and spending time with friends.
  2. It can deepen relationships. If you’re living an authentic Christian life, your friends already know a little bit about your belief system, but including them when you attend church lets them see even more of the spiritual side of your life. It leads your friendship into a deeper level. It also make you vulnerable, and it holds you accountable
  3. It’s the loving thing to do. When you really care about someone, you want the best for them. When it comes to eternity, don’t you want your friends to be in heaven with you? Often we are the only authentic (although imperfect) picture of Jesus that our friends will see, we need to love deep enough to risk offending them by sharing the Gospel. 

It can be a little scary to cross “that line” and ask someone to come to church with you. But each year there are natural opportunities we can take advantage of like Easter, summer picnics, fall festivals, Christmas and National Back to Church Sunday when your friends will be more likely to say yes. 

It’s also easy to forget that we have God on our side and when we step out in faith with a simple invitation, He is already at work in the hearts of our friends. We are called to tell others about Jesus, and trust God to do the rest. So go ahead – Invite someone to church today! Who will you invite?