National Back to Church Sunday is just 10 days away! Here are a few last minute things you can still do that will help you see more visitors and connect with them when they come to your church! 

  1. Update Your Church Website and Announce Your Plans. Be sure to include the Back to Church Sunday promotional video and web graphics that were included in the 2019 Church Kit
  2. Decorate your church in the Together theme. You can still order themed stock items like bulletin shells, poster and t-shirts for the big event. 
  3. Hand out invitations and posters to members this weekend so they can invite their friends and neighbors to church.  
  4. Begin (or continue) to post on Social Media. Remind your congregation to like your posts and then share them on their own pages with their friends. The videos in the church kit are also great tools to use on social media. 
  5. Show one of the Invite or Promo Videos during your service this Sunday. The Invite videos are a powerful reminder of the importance of inviting people to church. The Promo videos are a great way to build excitement and get everyone ready for next week’s big event. 
  6. Send an email to your congregation- encourage them to be bold and bring a friend to church with them next week –  you can include one of the videos in the email as a fun, engaging way to get your point across. 
  7. Post outdoor banners with your service times on the street outside your church – this will help visitors find your church and feel more welcome. Eye-catching flag banners along the street or up your driveway are another great tool to make your church more visible. 
  8. Plan an hour of Prayer. Set aside time with your staff and ministry leaders to pray that visitors will come and feel welcome and ready to learn more about Jesus. You may want to ask your congregation to also set aside a few minutes the day before your service to pray for the event and the people they have invited. 

We are so excited to hear about your plans and what God does in your church – please share your stories with us on our Facebook page or through email.