Imagine the possibilities when multiple churches come together to invite everyone in their community back to church!

Churches individually can participate in National Back to Church Sunday, but what would it say to your church and community if the churches unified together to invite everyone in your community back to church?

Benefits of Citywide Engagement

A citywide effort benefits the local church by:

  • Exemplifying unity in the body of Christ as multiple churches promote their events together in the community
  • Creating a bond between participating churches/denominations as they rally around a common cause
  • Providing greater exposure for participating churches as the local media pick up on it as a community event
  • Encouraging church members to think of their community beyond their family and friends
  • Providing economies of scale for promotion as more churches can reach more people with an invitation
  • Portraying a unified purpose among churches in the community
  • Exposing the community to available churches near them, helping people find a church home
  • Developing church partnerships that can support and strengthen one another all year long

Ideas for Citywide Engagement

  • Many cities have a regular gathering of local pastors. Bring up the idea at the next gathering of pastors or consider a special gathering to talk about a community wide Back to Church Sunday event.
  • Engage the local media with press releases about the churches of your city coming together to invite everyone back to church.
  • Consider doing a citywide service day on the Saturday before Back to Church Sunday or perhaps a citywide stadium event with special keynote speakers and music on a Sunday evening.
  • Do a postcard mailing to all the homes in your community featuring a list of participating churches on the reverse side of the postcard.
  • Encourage all of the churches in the community to put up banners outside the church that say "The Churches of __________ Invite You Back to Church." Include your church service times on the banner.
  • Start a community Facebook page where churches can post pictures and news. (Refer to the Campaign Planning Guide for tips.)
  • Encourage your local media to cover the event on Back to Church Sunday to create momentum for the next year's event.
  • Encourage others with your stories on Twitter and Facebook.

Citywide Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Encourage churches within a five-mile radius to participate with you.
  • Ensure participating churches are correctly registered on the Back to Church Sunday Roster.
  • Establish working relationships with church leaders in the community.
  • Act as a key Back to Church contact for churches in the area.


If you need resources such as a Back to Church Sunday catalog or ideas on how to do a citywide mailing, please contact an Outreach representative at 1-800-991-6011.